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Oh baby. oh baby. OH BABY. The time has come.

Daddy Chod made us take a break on all the newbies for a while... let the population grow before we cull it again... but him in his abundant generosity has allowed us to return.

I am going to EVISCERATE some scrub lords.

I have kept an eye on other cheats, EFT to be precise. They weren't bad, but they had nowhere near the quality of staff, code, and security that Chods keeps. 

I watched as cheaters using their false god's cheatclients wiped me and my juicy kit. Over and Over and Over.... but the time has come. A time of reckoning has approached. I am going to show these little shitheads what a real cheat looks like.


EFT and Other Cheats in past: 

overall: 10/10

aimbot: 9/10 - some hickups here and there, nothing the staff has not helped me understand and fix.

UI/look: 10/10

Staff: 10/10 (even tho we all knew there was one meanie)

community: 1,000,000,000/10. - love the people here, even the assclowns. 


Thank you all. Excited to use this new EFT cheat with my buddies here at Chod's. 

To anyone viewing that is new.... stay. They will not disappoint. As a user of many cheats, creator of some privates, Chod's has been the best. While they could raise the price to what the competition is charging, they didn't. This cheat is a hell of a deal, and is 100% higher quality than any other I have used, and in some cases, created myself.

All Hail Lord CHOD. 



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