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My Dead by daylight review.


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Hey everyone so i have used the dead by daylight cheat for 17 days now and im loving it.

So lets get to the menu first its very clean and easy to understand / use well made by the dev team.

ESP 9/10 i love everything about it the only reason its missing the 1 extra point from me its because there is no glow and i would love that but if it will make the cheat detectable then no dont add it but i'd love to see it but security is the important thing

MISC 10/10 everything is there for ragers and legit players love it.

Conclusion: i hope they add glow and remove the FPS drop which is insane i can run the game with 150 fps but with the cheat it becomes 60 FPS which is insane! i hope it gets fixed. other than that everything is amazing.

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