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Sucking at EFT - how can I keep main account safe


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Clearly I suck at this game... even when I’m not moving a single thing and in a bush I get killed. Frustrating that I’ve been stuck on the same 2 quests in Customs for more than 4 days. Really looking forward to having esp for this!


On the other note, I’ve looked through the forums and there is some details on eft accounts and keeping one as a legit account. I was hoping for advise for when the cheat does com live. Specifically, confirmation on the following:


legit account - to keep this clean I would need to make sure I signed into this after a comp restart so no HWID spoofer or other things are running correct?


throw away account - creating a new account with a different email and purchase of the game, while only use it when using the HWID spoofer and hack. Also not having this account interact with main.


would something like this add extra protection (not that I don’t trust Chode in it being undetected) for May main account? If so, are there any details I’m missing to make it happen?



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How to get better > Slow down your gameplay, when you enter a match find a map with pmc and player scav spawns. Learn the " keyways" meaning places players are most likely to run/go through. You know on customs bigred, dorms and skeleton construction(new construction) are hotspots as well as gas station, play around this. Be vigilant about your angles, if you're out in the open, assume you will get shot from almost EVERYWHERE. Also understand the amount of noise you make translates into dying a lot quicker. 
Take out shittier equipment and insure it. No one will want your sks this late in a wipe, or even an shotgun. If you have a gamma or container, learn your market, what sells for a lot and what is worthless. How I play, I have EoD. I'm VERY defensive, and I'll only have an mp-153 with magnum shot loaded 1-2 shot player scavs, 3-4 shots on armored players. Cheap, effective. Once I have looted my equipment worth normally 100k in my gamma or more. I play aggressive, looking for gunshots, and grenades going off. This will almost always net you a nice profit, and you will not have any worries about losing it, if you know you've looted things worth your equipment value.

Another tip is do NOT use the flea market to buy guns, armor, helmets, attachments. Ammo I'm borderline on, but I myself have to buy BS or BP ammo due to the trader being out of it, or I've bought as much as I can.
Yes it sucks to have paca on, or sks or no " good" equipment, but if you lose it and it is insured I can put money on you WILL get it back 9/10 since no one wants "shitty gear" 

As you progress in your gameplay, and aquire more money, then you can splurge a little and go in generally more aggressive. But don't think just because you have class 6 armor, and a class 6 helm ( or 5 cause atlyns is good) that you won't get dunked on by a shotgun boi. Because you will, and you will be angry and upset you lost 1 mil worth of equipment.

I can't also stress enough leveling up your basic skills, recoil control,mag drills, health, strength, stamina. These are VERY important, and if your recoil control gets high enough, well it makes handling your gun a WHOLE lot easier.

So when the hack does come out, which I'm almost glad it isn't coming out. You will already have a better understanding of playing the game. Which is half the battle. 

But when the hack comes out... just be warned you see the number of people here.. that's how many hackers you will have, and good luck since not everyone is out to make people have a nice " day"
I was only here because I and my team got tired of getting one shotted by makarovs in fort armor (the best in the days of old ). When the rest of my team played legit. It was sad when a gaming community condoned the use of hacks to"kill" other hackers to ensure an " even playing field." due to having 3-4 hackers in one game using the same one shotting cheat.  

I know a lot of people have more devious ideas for when this cheat comes out. Which makes me sad, but I'll be ready to defend my teams, so you've been warned. 

Anyway have fun! That I hope helped you learn a little bit, youtube is your friend, and so is google. See you on the fields!

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I would remind yourself that cheesing is risky. Having an alternate account is a form of "protection". Just at the end of the day enjoy the cheese and play it safe. Make sure that you do everything in your power to make your gameplay "legit" and of course making sure you fully understand the "how to" for making your experience safe. I hope that helps. Enjoy your gaming

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just want to add more  to the question you had to gameplay I use. I am currently about 200 hours in the EFT this wipe, all traders up and basically I am stuck on last few quests. (Shooter born in heaven, The Guide). I play this since alfa and cheesed for a year before the cheese went down. Even without the cheese my surv rate now jumped above 50% with KDA about 8.

1) you want to keep your money where you need it -> quest items & hideout

  • do not use any "armor" below level 4, just sell it. its effective only against scavs where you just need to learn to be faster. We tested that -> 20 raids with my friend I went Paca+6b he went naked with shemaq only to cover face -> armor saved me once where I didnt notice a scav behind corner with shotgun,  resulting in getting tapped by 153 2x before I took him down, there I think armor saved me. 19 games I either took no dmg or got rekt by better ammo instantly.
  • if you want to pick between helmet and headset, buy basic comtacs for 18k from Ragman -> hearing better is more important than stopping bullet to one specific point on your head. carrying level 4+ Helmet is OK if you know how to use it -> again, I remember getting saved by helmet about 3 times EXCLUDING LVL 5 AND 6 FACESHIELDS where the difference is huge.
  • point fo this is simple - lvl 3 gear takes about 65K to buy, about 35 to sell. its easy 100k ONLY IN GEAR if you go without it and come with it and sell it, instead of buying it.
  • as mentioned above, do not buy items on fleamarket if not for quests or hideout, go with what you have or need for quests. If you leave with high gear and you are afraid to lose it, rather sell it than keep it in stash forever

2) gameplay to keep you safer on map

  • get to know the map, the paths and lootpoints, quest places etc. watch some youtube or check the maps online -> if you know where the most frequented places are, you are likely to avoid players there or ambush them if required. I do not like camping and trust me, many times its not worth it. but there is a huge difference between CAMP and Tactical approach. Learn where players most likely might come from based on player spawns early in game. Learn choke spots and vantage points and use them. Basically GET TO KNOW THE MAP. You talked customs, Last 2 days we were taking our friend to customs to hunt PMC with shotgun wearing ushanka. one of the most frustrating quests to do lategame. but if you know what to do its easy. I have video with having supressed shotgun 3 shot kill on dude with fckin 1M build with thermal IR on it. Just because I had better position and comtacs. 
  • do not boomrush, even if you see dude reloading or whatever. take peek, rush cover to cover or change position, never rush straight on dude. target running rowards you is easiest kill ever, tracking tarket left-right is multiple times harder, plus you never know if there aint his low level friend with cheap aks sitting next to him. if you have positional advantage just keep it. if you are in bad position use some utility like flash or f1 and change position. if you think you pinned dude, do not rush him, use grenades etc. Just yesterday we pinned 3 dudes in dorms in blink hallway, instead of going in and possibly some of us end up dead because they will hold position, we threw some grenades from inside to push them deep in the hallway and then one from the window outside. easy 3 kills without bullet fired.
  • do not camp brush. its too late in game, there are people with scopes our there in every raid. huge amount of medium/good players are now on sniper quests. Good optics is 60k. Thermal is 100k. Of course you gonna buy thermal, resulting in easy rekt to campers. you can be seen, trust me. if you carry scav backpack as most lowlevels are, its really easily seen in bush. if you see someone, yes, take cover in brush, but be ready to fight. Do not just camp brush. only difference is if you want to snipe some location, then take camp, 3-5 minutes is maximum what I would recommend and even that is too much for me and then chage position. if you stay still and prone, with headset you can hear the steps. if you fire, immediately change position and check your surroundings.
  • if you walk, lower your speed, see the sound marker next to stamina, use at least 1 mark only, if you use this, your covert movement will rise up and you will make less noise. now with cover movement about 30 we can walk pretty fast on the lowest sound settings being quiet and fast.
  • lower your "interface sound" in settings of game. use 10% max. when you loot, click in menu etc, it makes the sound low and you can hear steps around. multiple times i saw people looting on ground, we walked up to 2 meters to them and they didnt notice us most likely because the interface makes so much noise.

3) weapons and gear

  • as I already mentioned above, unless required for quest, use only lvl 4+ gear and min lvl 3 helmet. this will protect you from lower geared players. simple BP and 55A1 are cheap and accessible to any 25+player and lvl 3 armor makes no difference to them. 6B lvl 3 helmet has chance to ricoche it, so it still has some value. if you want some protection against scavs, for quests etc, best solution are the cheap armored vests (do not remember name, has 4 slots for mag and 2 for 1x1). this vests are most likely to come back insured, they carry small space so most likely even player scav wont take them if they have better rig.
  • do not "overmod" your weapon. take a look at efficiency. default AK can be modded to 85 recoil in 65k. or to 50 recoil in 250k. use offline mode and hideout to test how well can you controll spray, choose value that you are OK with and mod weapons to that value. 
  • do not be afraid to ask for help. if you have friends or know people that play a lot, ask them to walk you around or walk with them. community is MOSTLY nice in EFT. I really met only few guys that were unpleasant to play with.


I have huge amount of small things that can help, this are the easiest to follow and remember and also help the most. Point of tarkov is to have fun. So sometimes, just fuck all the rules, take fully modded M4, maximum armor you can find and go run around the map like crazyperson. Or just go with fully pimped TOZ 5-man squad. Or take 50 grenades to raid and throw them at 1 unlucky dude. You can do whatever you want if you play efficiently. Because them money wont be an issue. I do not run loot-runs, I play for fun, no "I MUST BE FIRST IN SERVER-ROOM" runs on reserve or "20 raids in row to kill reshala and sell their shit". I just walk around kill dudes and make quests, chat with friends etc. Still making easily 2-3 mil for evening (3-4 hours of gaming). Including production from hideout. If you have enough money, then you can make this shitty things like running around in 1Mill gear for fun. Few days back we walked on woods with TOZ, Devastator ammo (thats like 0 penetration) and thermal scopes on it. Because we thought its gonna be fun. Try to make fun of the game. ANd sitting in brush wont bring it. Yes, killing dude while camped brings the rush in the moment, but then you ussualy die because campers do not know the map enough to extract freely, or then you wont use it because you will be afraid. SO just follow the guidelines, then sometimes just fuck that and enjoy some bullshit.


Hope I helped a bit.


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