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Lets brainstorm how to overcome Battle Eye protection !!!


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So I have a couple ideas that Chod could test out

1) So in theory if we create 2 windows users, 1 is admin 2 is restricted user. 

- We run the cheat from the admin, we run the game from the restricted user, who is set not to allow to see the admin processes. Would it work?

2) We can figure out an injection, that will inject in to a background process, example Discord, Nvidia (any process that fits). Would BE still detect it even in a trusted process?

3) We can try to create a Intel, AMD, Nvidia etc driver update with the cheese? 

4) We can try to use WireShark to capture the info sent by BE to the server (for example for authorization) and try to duplicate or generate same sort of response with BE uninstalled or the cheese loaded directly in to BE. This will create a response in the BE server that everything is ok, but in fact we cheese.

5) How about to inject the cheat directly to BE and when starting the game just send a fake MD5 (so the server thinks BE is fine, when in fact it's corrupted)? Will BE identify it's own processes as corrupt? 


So lets brainstorm with ideas, at some point we will come up with a solution ;)

Leave your ideas in this topic

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