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I would like to know this before buying


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Hi everyone first english is not my first language so forgive me for my bad english. 


I am thinking on buying chods eft cheat but the truth is i like this game a lot i enjoy playing legit but this last month just were boring because i feel that everyone was using cheats and i was having a bad time. 


So this is the question can someone tell me how often do you guys see another players with cheats if its really a lot of players using esp i will just buy it and have a good time. 


Im sorry if i am breaking any rules with this post and thanks for your time 



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Kind of depends on the map and when in the patch. I imagine everyone's opinions will vary widely as well. For me, at the start? Its probably 50-50 with legit players and cheaters. All the good players are cheating though (at least in my experience) it just depends how well they hide it.


This doesn't apply to just EFT though, the main reason people think EFT is so bad is because there aren't any killcams; so they just assume it was bullshit because how could anyone be better than them right? There is no 'proof' otherwise lol...


Nevertheless, Siege, Apex, CS:GO, Overwatch.. basically any competitive game with ranking, yeah those top players aren't actually top players lmao. The only exception might be league of legends because almost everything is server side and you can only really script. Scripting doesn't help that much though, it's pretty niche and sometimes very blatant (apm).

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ObiWanKenny has a good point. Ever since I started hacking in games, which has been a couple of years. I know for a fact that people take the advantage of hacking in games with a bad anti cheat a lot. EFT is one of those games, people get manually banned more than the anti cheat catches them, just like CSGO. Going a bit out of topic here so I'll stick to the main point, ObiWanKenny mentioned that there are no killcams so people just die to stupid reasons, but when you have hacks you can see if they start taking notice of you when you haven't even made a single sound or if they start aiming ridiculous corners before you even you peeked. And I have noticed that a lot, I have even wiggled through walls and people wiggle back to me, EFT is swarming with hackers right now due to their anti cheat and since it's late into the wipe and people only go against geared guys so they want to have the advantage. Basically, yes. People who hack in EFT have noticed a bunch of times that people are hacking against them.

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Thanks for the replies i have been playing for 3 years now a long time ago when the game didnt have any cheat it was like a different game but this last year i noticed that everyone started to play like gods. 


I always played this game because of the pvp not because of the hardcore aspect once you know the game its really easy to make money and have tons of gear but the pvp is a part that has been losing the fun for me. 


I guess that i will try tomorrow this is my last try to save the game, i sound like someone crying for hacks but its just my honest truth 

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