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EFT .12 Anticheat

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BSG arent changing anti-cheat providers. They believe in making their own ac based upon old engines out there.


Its rumored (BSG themselves have said nothing about it) that a new anti-cheat is coming in .12


The thing with building your own game while a good anti-cheat is that its nearly impossible to do so.


Most popular games rent out anti-cheat providers, Battle eye, vac, etc.


Its a extreme struggle to provide a exceptional anticheat while providing DECENT updates.


In the end, any new or upgraded anti-cheat will be harder/ longer to work around. However, I assume Chods crew will continue to work around it. Afterall they are building cheats against Battle eye in dayz.


After .12 Id assume the cheat client will be down for atleast a week for them to provide a SAFE cheat that wont be detected immediately.


.12 also is rumored to contain yet another large ban wave.

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Guess the surprise will be VOIP, everyone asked about this and they didn`t mentionend it in the Patch Notes.
This will be the first great feature that i turn immediately off when it gets introduced.

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