[ 3 Digit ] Clean - Secure - PoP


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3 Digit

- SteamID: 0:X:8XX ( Verified on a other site, can do the same here )

- Community page created

- VAC clean

- Games: HL1 HL2 GO + Few others

- PoP for CS:S / GO

- GO rank: Supreme Master First Class

- idled hours

- ESL 2005 account


- Paypal ( Trusted members only )

- Skrill

- MM used if needed ( I pick the MM, not you )


- 550$ ( Open for offers 450+ )

Scammers don't bother, everyone gets checked.



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500$ is an acceptable offer, if you want to discuss this further let me know: nrem.level

Send me a private message with your Steam community link (don't misinterpret it, I do not mean the 3 digit's page) and I will add you. I don't use Skype for this kind of stuff for personal and several reasons (I assume the "nrem.level" is your Skype add).

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Holy Wolfs Bane Batman, 3 DIGITS :0

Nrem sells everything apparantly...

Nrem can you get me 3 dead hookers please?

Amazing account, I know he doesn't need it, but vouch for NREM :cool:

He wont scam you and this is an epic account, I've never seen a 3 digit. Now if only I had $500

haha thanks :D

I got 3x 3 digits atm, but keeping 2 for myself. 1 for sales in about a year when 3 digits are most likely not be able to get anymore :)

And 1 for myself ofc xD

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