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Pc wont boot on cold boot


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hey i figure in here theres gotta be someone among me who knows more than i do about pc hardware and boot issues so basically my rig at home has been having this issue for a few days now before i bring it into the doctor im still tryna fix it myself and looking for suggestions, when my pc runs a cold boot fresh off a shutdown it wont boot up it simply displays the logo of my msi motherboard and never boots none of my things plugged into it even turn on other than my monitor my keyboard doesnt light up and my mouse doesnt either, however if i press the reset button on my chasis forcing it to reboot it boots fine, just never on a cold boot, if i shut down tho it will encounter this problem again, iv tried screwing with my uefi firmware settings a little bit in bios turning off and on different boot options but nothing too extensive, iv also tried making sure it not trying to boot from a usb or the other drive and only from my ssd, iv tried booting with both sticks of ram, and 1 stick interchanging them, iv also assured my psu is delivering enough power for it to boot. im at my wits end the specs are as follows gtx1080 ti , 16 gb ripjaws ram, i78700k , ADATA SX8000 ssd which it should be booting from as well as a 1 tb hdd , Z370 msi A pro motherboard, and EVGA 600b 600w psu

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I think the you should post this to LTT forum (Linus Tech Tips) its full of nerds. My rig to this day has an issue where when i shut it down everything goes black put the fans keep spinning until i flip the power switch i am not bothered to fix it but maybe one day.

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