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-snip- sucks


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Okay, so I was banned on -snip- for nothing I wanna buy this cheat but...

detection ratio and also how many times ahve CSGO been detected?

I alos wanna know is it a high risk to get vacced again?

How do you use it, and do I need a USB or is it a client.


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1. Rules and infractions

Don't discuss other cheat providers.

2. How many detections have you had?

VAC detections:

January, 2014.

15th March, 2014.

30th June, 2014.

CS:GO MM/untrusted detections:

25th March, 2014.

16th May, 2014.

3. We are back

All VAC games are now completely undetected and will be for the foreseeable future.

4. USB (removable disk) is required.

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Okay sorry for doing so, will edit.

I see but I guess it sometime will get dt'd again gaaah

Well, don't be pessimistic about it. In reality, VAC is capable of detecting any cheat i would say. Just depends on how proactive VAC and the cheat coder are.

Besides, in the last couple months almost every cheat provider has been getting detected. Even the ones that place themselves above the rest.

So good luck on your search.

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