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EFT GOT BANNED yesterday!(7th Dec.) Any safe-way to survive ban wave?


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There was a big ban wave yesterday many users got banned :( They got me even i haven't played EFT for a week already.I wonder what or which cheat function caused this ban?(I always use all functions,no clips,loot to me, even without safe mode on) really wanna continue use Chod's cheats on my next EFT account but i gotta be VERY VERY careful to survivr every ban wave.


Plz if you admins or coders could tell me if I keep safe mode on,is it 100%safe?(when cheat is undetected)

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8 hours ago, Freakingenius said:

I just played 3 games. If you were banned it was either manual ...meaning your were seen or your stats are ridiculous, or you have used a different cheat engin and it is still on your PC.

I dont have another CE on my computer though.Did u get banned too?Did u turn off safe mode?

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Ye, you will never be "Safe" Its the risk you take when using something like this on any game. There are things you could do to decrease the chances of you getting banned, Like keeping safe mode on and playing as legit as possible (Not running straight to loot. Looking directly at players across map/through walls) These things will never make you safe but playing as legit as possible will always deter the BG Spectators from banning you manually.

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