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My Honest review about Paladins cheat


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The hack is good but there is a lot to improve , I give right now  6/10 but I hope I have to come here edit this review.

The aim is  op 8/10 but dont have visible checks and aim prediction.

The esp is 6/10 very lag , 1v1 is very hard 1v2 and have 2 options only box and health bars. 

The menu is very difficult for use very lag I almost break the keyboard to tinker with some option but i like one thing , is very simple 6/10

The Price - 4/10 for hack in the right moment with only this options is very expensive but we can made this hack very good adding small things but very importants ( optmizing the fps and increment things in aim)

Thanks for all , lets go do this !  Good night !


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