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***Grand Opening SALE***


Currently only offering new account boosting. I will purchase CS: GO for you or you can provide me with a gift (COST OF CS:GO will be waived). All accounts will have playtime boosted to at least 80 hours.

Legendary Eagle Master: $49.99 (Allow 2 weeks for delivery)

Supreme Master First Class: $59.99 (Allow 3 weeks for delivery)

The Global Elite: $69.99 (Allow 4 weeks for delivery)



The only two payment options available are Paypal or Gifts, all money received will be sent through the gift option, no refund will be given when not following this rule.

*When the gift option is not available you are forced to use a certain message in your payment "I understand, that this a Non Refundable Service". When paying with gifts each gift will be considered as $7.00 off the price.


I am not responsible for any bans/mutes on the account, I have the right and the ability to cancel any order. No refund will be given. I am not responsible if your account gets de-ranked while in your possession.


You automatically agree on these terms by ordering from me.


No returns/refunds will be given. I decide to dispute the money in any case.

5% of all sales will be donated to Chod's Cheats

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with all respect this is not going to work:

1. ur on a cheating forum, you are going to cheat on the account u are selling what makes it a risk to getting banned.

2. Prices are way to high

3. 4 weeks before delivery? GE = max 30 hours so spread it to like 4 days max

4. CS:GO can be purchased for 10$ on every online site.

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