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Hello guys :)


I would want to sell my account because IRL i have a big problem with my car xD (i sell also my computer) ><


So, my account is full lvl 4 except mechanic, because i'm lvl 39


My inventory is fulll of M4, DVL, RSASS, Ak74 full mod ?


i play sometimes with cheat only "safe mode ON" and not all day^^


Region: EU

Price: 70€

Payment method: Paypal

Discord: Weedamax#5739


If u have any questions, contact me on discord !


Ps: Don't buy BMW its an fucking joke haha


Peace !


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Just a fair warning, email transfers take 2 weeks on tarkov accounts, nothing anyone can do about it, it is set within the system. 
We highly recommend you use a middleman for any purchase. We had 2 users recently scammed due to not doing so. Please refer to the link below on information about middlemen.

Also please be wary of the following region locks.


CIS Region (RU and post soviet states or Ex-USSR states): Purchases made in this  region work only in the CIS countries.

EU Region (Europe): Purchases made in this region will allow you to launch the game anywhere in the world. You can also upgrade to this region at any time by going back to the pre-order page (Make sure you are logged in). There will be an upgrade button under the package you want to upgrade to.

Other Region: When you check on the warning section you will see your region is ‘’Other (US, ET, AUS, etc.)’’. There will be an abbreviation in brackets next to ''Other'' and this is for clarification purpose. You only need to consider that you are in the region, ''OTHER''. Purchases made in countries outside of EU and CIS countries; all goes to this region and this version of game can be launched anywhere in the world except in Europe regions.


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