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  1. 1. Should the site add a LFG section so people can enjoy the hacks together :)

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It depends. it can be a good thing or if you come from a development view not so much. i look at it like this.. if i'm a game developer, and i find a forum lets say if they were really in need of banning some cheaters and and i go this this one section were all the cheaters are talking together and they start just banning usernames. i mean chances of this happening are slim but i do know some server owners back in the day who use to do this in Garry's mod.


yes and some of you will go "you shouldn't even use your in-game name on a cheating website". maybe your right but a lot of people will use there in-game name


anyway that's my two cents i don't really think its a bad thing just has to be done right like if you made the forum only for people who have bought the cheat with an active subscription that props would work.


Kind regards, catchya

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Suppose the developer of game bought a cheat and in this section will look for cheaters in the "topic cheater lfg"?)

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20 hours ago, GeraltOfRivia said:

It’s a good idea, they could use the chat box though.

yea true but could start to become cluddered

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