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hi this is my new store in this web and this rules


not go first i´m trusted , vouches in others webs availables

only accept paypal gift my e-mail paypal is ([email protected] )

account not vac banned

support steam / skype : xxxgorexxxars add me / teamviewer

possible use middleman only high trusted

games included in accounts ( hl1 + hl2 or hl1 and hl2) hl1 = cs hl2 = css

- accept new methods pay skrill,neteller

5 digits ( 11 €)

STEAM_0:0:65ÑÑ2 unverified SOLD

6 digits ( 5 € )

STEAM_0:1:223ÑÑ8 cs profile on unverified

STEAM_0:0:518ÑÑ2 cs profile off unverified

STEAM_0:0:571ÑÑ5 cs profile on unverified

STEAM_0:1:722ÑÑ6 cs unverified scammed : Skype: bluefoxre

STEAM_0:1:765ÑÑ3 cs profile on unverified

STEAM_0:0:804ÑÑ9 cs + css not profile create unverified

STEAM_0:1:831ÑÑ2 cs profile on unverified

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Seeing as your account is brand new, I won't go first with you. I have made deals with multiple users on here including the staff member CireG, I can ask them to vouch if needed. I won't go first, either you go first or we use a middleman, or I send you half the cash, receive my account and send you the rest. I'm interested in a 6 digit, PM me.

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