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CSGO StreamProofing Guide


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Just like the startup guide, this is a repost of the csgo streamproofing guide for anyone who is having the issue and can't find the thread. The original guide thread is here

Guide by: @imcrazed

Hello guys, Today I wanted to make a quick but simple tutorial on how to setup stream proofing for the Counter-Strike Cheat.

Here are some frequently asked questions about stream proofing:

What is stream proofing?
     Stream proofing is a feature in this cheat that allows you to use obs/other game capture software without the ESP/Visual assistance showing on your screen while you are recording or streaming.
With this example, I'm going to show how to use it with OBS. I find this the quickest and easiest way to stream/record the game you play while hiding your ESP/Visual assistance.

Why would stream proofing be useful?
     A lot of the time people use stream proofing to hide their ESP from the audience while they record game play or stream. This allows you to trick the audience into believing that you are a legit and well skilled player. Twitch also bans people that use ESP in their streaming platform and using this can help prevent that because they can't see your walls if you get reported.

Why is my screen flickering and why is it not working?
     You probably had OBS or your game capture software opened in the background, please make sure it is closed before the cheat is injected into your game.

Here is how you setup stream proofing with Chod's:


Step 1- You will need to purchase/own an active chod's cheat subscription for any game that Chod supports stream proofing on.
Stream proofing will work on both of these Chod's subscriptions for CS:GO (A list for all supported games will be in the f.a.q above)


Step 2- Login to the loader and pause when you get to the cheat selection menu

Step 3- Click the cheat that you purchased with the available stream proofing feature (DON'T CLICK INJECT YET)

Step 4- The stream proof option will be on the right of the loader. It should be enabled by default, but check it to make sure.
Once you have checked to make sure you have stream proofing enabled, you can launch the cheat now.

Step 5- After you open up your selected game and have the cheat injected, open up your selected program to stream/record on.
I'm currently using OBS for this tutorial, but any other game capture software should work just as well.

Your obs should look something like this:

Step 6- You want to add a new game capture for the current game you are injected in.
You can accomplish this in OBS by right clicking and clicking game capture

Step 7- You will be opened into the properties of the game capture, and you want to make your properties as following
csgo.exe will be what you will be changing depending on the game you're using stream proofing on

If everything is done correctly, your stream proofing should look just like this
I hope I was able to help you enable stream proofing in your game



Edit: If you still can see the visuals, make sure "capture 3rd party overlays" is off.

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