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All credit to @Emiiru  for the original post here, I am only reposting this info for the newer people to the community who may be having issues finding the original guide.

There's not much setup needed, but I'll guide you through what you need to do.
  • If you have disabled DEP, you need to enable it and set it to OptIn:
Start CMD as admin -> bcdedit /set {current} nx OptIn
  • Get a USB drive/device that you can put the cheats on
  • Some SanDisk USB'S doesn't show up as removable drive so they don't work with the cheat, so preferably avoid these USB's
  • Optional: Make your own default config, or get a config. You can find user-made configs in our config submissions forum.

Member panel
The member panel is where you download the cheat, see subscription time, request hwid reset, see current server status. (And cheat status)
You can find the link to the member panel on the top right of pages

To cheat you first need a USB like mentioned above. For EAC & Stream/Screenshot instructions check the specific sections below.
  • Close steam
  • Login to the member panel, and click "Launch client" to download the client, remember to save to your USB drive.
  • Start the client from your USB. If you get any errors please check the Problems and solutions thread if you don't get any errors just proceed.
  • Enter your username, and password (Remember both are case sensitive) and click login.
  • Select a cheat.
  • Press the Launch button, the client will now load the cheat.
  • Start steam with admin. (right click and click "Start as administrator")
  • Start the game. (There will be a small delay before the cheat appears/works)
  • Press the "insert" / "ins" key on your keyboard to open up the cheat menu to configure the cheat. ( In some cases you may need to be alive or have the pause menu open first.)

You need to start your streaming software after you've injected the cheat, or enable the scene after injection.
In OBS don't enable "Capture third party overlays" in the game scene options.

You need to inject in this order for EAC:
1. Client
2. Cheat
3. Steam
4. EAC

Configs allows you to save the changes you've made to the configuration.
You can load configs by selecting them in the list (in the settings menu) and pressing load, or typing it manually in the end in the input box and pressing load.
How to get a config of a other member:
Follow him on the forum and you see his public configs in your cheat menu -> shared configs.

Hardware ID (HWID) is basically the identification of your computer, which is based on things like CPU, HDD, MB, RAM, GPU, and so on..
We lock the cheats to your HWID, so whenever you change a component you will need to request a HWID reset through the member panel.
Resets can take up to 48 hours
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