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  1. I have to ask what does the FOV and Smoothing do with Aimbots and is the Aimbot for Hunt Showdown from the roadmap still in the Works?.
  2. Whats the purpose of this cheat i used it while i was on the hook and i broke the game lol
  3. Hello i started using this cheat but the moment i started i felt most of them arent really working or is the problem at my side when i enable the auto block it doenst block and the aimbot is not really doing its thing ???
  4. Is it maybe a good idea to add the skelet cheat to see what body part you shoot and knowing where the head is to click heads easy
  5. Hi everyone i just wanted to say something i am new around here and i wanted to share that i really appreciate what the team is doing for me and all of us i have been hating on some games so much cuz i couldnt live up to other players i got anxious the moment i heared other players or hear my teammate going down yes im talking about Hunt Showdown and i was always scared to fail for myself and all the players i played with for being not that good as a full time gamer and now because this advantage i have because of you guys im much calmer and tbh im enjoying MP games again all thanks to you all
  6. So whats the USB for actually havent seen anything of it with the injection guide do i download the client or the cheat on it ?
  7. Hello can someone tell me how long the unknown detection will last with Hunt Showdown its gonna be my first cheat and im kinda waiting for green light so that there are no big risks for being banned cannot wait to try it.