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  1. I've got a handful of CIS region keys for Escape From Tarkov. I am selling them for $20 each. I accept paypal or cryptocurrency and I do not go first. I might have EOD keys at some point so PM me if you are interested in that but I usually don't have any on hand. PM on discord to purchase: suweeside#7647
  2. Okay, are there plans to bring back the Rust cheat one day or is it discontinued forever? Edit: Nevermind, I found a thread from December of last year where someone was asking about the cheat (the one with chams and esp, not the recoil control script) and it was hinted that the cheat is still planned to release but is not the current priority. Thanks anyway.
  3. I remember seeing a Rust cheat by chod. Is it still available and if so is it private? I don't see it anywhere in the store and i'm interested in buying if it still exists.
  4. suweeside

    Lifetime subs

    I read elsewhere on the forums that there was no plan of lifetime subscriptions returning for Chod's cheats. The post was from 2015 though and I couldn't really find any viable information on the subject since then. I don't like feeling pressured to use my subscription because I take long breaks from cheating sometimes so its not very efficient for me to buy a month/year sub and then only use it for about half of the duration. I'd even be fine with paying a steep price since I know Chod's has a long reputation and will stay in development for quite a while. Is there still no hope for lifetime subscriptions or would it possibly be reconsidered?