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  1. can you give me hvh onfig?

  2. Yo how do i get you config/

  3. Hello Chodscom , I want to buy a ranked csgo acc with at least the rank Master Guardian Elite i pay per paysafecard offers pls
  4. eXOR1337

    Status Update

    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive VAC Guard Triggered Its not ...
  5. eXOR1337

    this and Fraud

    i had lifetime before so its lifetime + one month :DDD
  6. eXOR1337

    this and Fraud

    it takes more then one day now i hope i will get reactivated as soon as possible
  7. eXOR1337


    sup pretty
  8. eXOR1337

    Who else is enjoying chods being back :D

    me 2 but i think its too slow now... my activation lets me wait like 1 day now
  9. eXOR1337

    Who else is enjoying chods being back :D

    how long did u wait until now ?
  10. eXOR1337

    Danny1337 in da house

    Welcome to CC man ! Enjoy your stay
  11. eXOR1337

    [NREM STORE] 4/5/6 Digits - GO Accounts

    Can i pay with PSC aswell, because i dont have pp would be nice
  12. eXOR1337

    Its me, upGREad

    Yo im eXOR, 16 (17 soon) and im from germany too lets play together next time and yeah, i share all your preferences
  13. add eXOR with the beast pic

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