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I would like to found a small mixed team of experienced and friendly, communicative GO players. As a team, I see every member as a part of the family, so should be the deal within the team. We have a lot of trust in us, because I planned some nice gimmicks and apart from a lot of fun and exciting matches, I would like to start more projects too, get more details personally!

The big question, why are you looking for mates for a team on a board like this? - Very easily! I am also legit user and are looking for mates who are also Legit User or Clean user.

Requirements for the person, equipment:
[+] Minimum age 16 years, 18+ preferred
[+] General player experience
[+] Tactical understanding
[+] No flamer, blamer or ADHD patient (Shizos are welcome: D)
[+] Working Mic and Teamspeak3 Client

Linguistic proficiency:
[+] Multilingual calls (GER / ENG)

Requirements Time management:
[+] Mainly evening & night online
[+] At least twice a week 10 - 15 Games MM

Other requirements:
[+] Reliability
[+] Honesty
[+] Loyalty

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