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Flight why iam here


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So i dont know how to start but first of all i want to say sry for my english... so the thread starts after this.

Stats of mine;
Name Niklas
Cheats i use/used; ****, ******, ****, ********, *****************,*
Why you want me/i want to be a part of you:  in this forum ; Iam Niklas iam german and i live near Cologne iam cheating since 2013 and i love Cs;go. After i saw youre ingame Hud i  was just flashed and i just wanted to get this cheat.. every time my subs runed out i was looking for chods but ive never found smth for me but now all is perfectly for me.Iam not just  a cheat user iam more than that iam a "+" for the Forum i will make free designs i will help other peoples will make my own config and i will present the config. So i will be more than 2 hours daily in the forum. At the end i want to tell you that i will make a youtube review / Promotion and many games like legit mm/rage.
Mfg.Niklas aka Flight

Problem: so my problem is that i need a person that could gift me a  10.00 GBP Chods Gift card i would pay the guy with overpay just pm me iam camping the forum...

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Bro, let me give you a tip. I got this cheat free. Use the google cloud trial (gives you 300$ to use in their cloud computers) and mine a CPU based coin like Monero (that's the one I used). The only thing you need is a valid credit card (You will not be charged). Then exchange that for bitcoin and pay for the cheat. Azure will also give you free trial money (Not sure how much, but 200$-250$ at least), so you can mine there too. It took me like a week to get enough money, and I still have some left.

I'm not gonna babysit you tho, there's a lot of guides and stuff to get you started. Protip: Create multiple projects at google cloud and you can have multiple 4cpu machines running (up to 4-5 I think).

Good mining.

PS: I know this post is old but it can help someone :)

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