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Kingboosting CS:GO Boosting Service | Weekly giveaways | Rankup&Win Boost | Fair prices | No cheats/bugs/exploits


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For more informations, feel free to add me on steam or send pm:

gr3at's stream profile

Since i can't put layout properly i will also write everyting in thread.

Contact us
If you have any more questions contact us via private msg or steam.

Weekly Giveaways
Every week we will make a list of clients that used our services in recent 7 days, and at the end of every week we will put list of clients in random lottery. 

About services
Welcome to KingBoosting.eu by gr3at & ZapTil. We provide high quality boosting services which are listed below. Our services are probably the cheapest & fastest at boosting scene. Orders will be done as soon as we get payed. For more informations view our prices and if you have any other questions feel free to contact us via private msg or steam.
There will be no need to give us your account. You will be playing with us!

Rank boosting
Killer - 1 per each game with 80 kills / 16 mvp
Silver & Gold Ranks - 1€ per each rankup
Guardian Ranks - 2,5€ per each rankup
Eagle Ranks - 5€ per each rankup
Supreme - Global - 7

Win boosting
Starter - 10€ for 10 wins + 5 bonus wins
Newbie - 20€ for 25 wins + 10 bonus wins
Gamer - 40€ for 50 wins + 15 bonus wins
Terrorist - 80€ for 100 wins + 35 bonus wins
Richboi - 160€ for 200 wins + 100 bonus wins

You have to go first or via escrow
Escrow service only by official staff members
Chargebacks will lead to scam report
We do not offer refunds in any situations
We can deny an payment without any reason
We can change rules or tos anytime without a warning
We can stop our service anytime without a warning
When you buy from us you accept every rule in this tos

Payment options
Paypal - Only verified paypal accounts by friends&family
Paysafecard - +30% to the standard price
Bitcoints - -10% discount to the standard price
CSGO skins - +30% to the standard price


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On 16.10.2016 at 4:32 PM, winter said:

You're advertising on a cheat website, the majority of people here have cheats and theoretically wont need to be boosted :D

GLWS regardless!

I know but most cheaters have also their main account which could be legitboosted if needed right ?
Online & Boosting
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