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cyber's shop

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Welcome To

~:Cyber's Account Shop:~

Type Of Accounts:-

1. Fresh Account with your Desired Id and Email.

Price:- 8.65$ (Including PayPal Charges) Or 4 Keys.

2. Rank: (UNRANK) "Private Rank 3" Account.

Price:- 12$ (Including PayPal Charges) Or 6 Keys.

3. Rank: Silver 1 to Silver 4 Accounts.

Price:- 25.99$ (Including PayPal Charges) Or 11 Keys.

4. Rank: Silver Elite to Silver Elite Master Accounts.

Price:- 23.99$ (Including PayPal Charges) Or 10 Keys.

5. Rank: Gold Nova 1 to Gold Nova Master Account.

Price:- 23.99$ (Including PayPal Charges) Or 10 Keys.

6. Rank: Master Guardian 1 to Master Guardian 2 Accounts.

Price:- 23.99$ (Including PayPal Charges) Or 10 Keys.

7. Rank: Master Guardian Elite to Distinguished Master Guardian Accounts.

Price:- 24.99$ (Including PayPal Charges) Or 12 Keys.

8. Rank: Legendary Eagle to Legendary Eagle Master.

Price:- 30$ - 35$.

Why Buy from Me ?

1. My all accounts are Clean.

2. No VAC / No Alert.

3. Accounts will never gonna revoke or locked.

4. My Boosters are trusted and they never use any kind of cheats.

5. Have 100% Feedback.

6. After everything Done, I will never Unfriend/Block you. Always ready to help you.

7. If i'm not giving reply then don't think that I'm ignoring you, maybe I'm busy or AFK.

Term & Conditions:-

1. I will never go first unless your are trusted enough.

2. You go first or simply use any moderator as a Middle Man.

3. If you pay via PayPal then I will send you invoice in your registered Email ID.

4. Directly add me on Skype.

5. You can't chargeback, if account have any problem, then I will replace your account without any charge.

6. Delivery within 10 Minutes to maximum 2 Hours.

Payment Methods:-

1. PayPal (Term & Condition)

2. CS:GO case keys. (if your don't have keys, then I will guide you from where to buy)

3. BTC (Bitcoins)

Contact Me:-

Skype: sovik.saha

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