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CS:GO - Rank 3+ - 5yr coin - No VAC/Overwatch

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I'm buying a steam account that has the following specifications

- Must have CS:GO

- Must be over Rank 3+ (to play competitive)

- Must have 5-year coin

- Must not be VAC banned

- Ranked/Unranked

- Any Playtime/hours

If you have an account that is close to these specifications but not exactly identical, feel free to contact me aswell (Skype or reply here)

The price will be discussed privately.

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Just sent a Skype message for you.

Got an account for you:

- 11 years on steam profile

- Steam Profile Lv 21

- Rank 4

- MM Rank: Supreme Master First Class

- 5 years veteran medal

- VAC CLEAN (Never cheated)

- 650+ hours played CS:GO

- 1600+ hours CS 1.6

- HL1 Pack

- 7 digit steam ID

Price & payment options open for discussion

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