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[WTS] CS:S STEAM Accounts

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1x CS:S Account: 2,50 (8-7 Digt|2004)

2x CS:S Account: 5,00 (8-7 Digt|2004)

3x CS:S Account: 7,00 (8-7 Digt|2004)

4x CS:S Account 9,00€ (8-7 Digt|2004)

(Unbanned, everywhere unused, Unverified)


- Paysafecard

- Paypal



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you're just reselling what cireg sold for a higher price

Says the scammer... I can't believe you are still willingly showing your face in this forum. Are you not in shame?

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I bought one account from him 2 weeks ago which went well.

I wanted to buy 5 accounts this time but he gave me 3 accounts with a unappropriated usernames and i told him i would use 2 accounts which had a appropriate username and asked him if he could send back rest of the money as i only would use the 2 accounts with appropiate usernames. But after discussing he deleted me from Skype which made me open a case on Paypal. The passwords of the accounts he gave me did not get changed which can get confirmed by any mod on here as confirmation. I feel scammed right now, will bring out an update after the case got closed on Paypal.

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