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Solid. Checks all the boxes!


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I've been using this product for a month so far and with over 110 hours on my account and wanted to share my experience.


Setup - Simple and easy, had no problems. Had the product up and running in less than 2 minutes after purchase. Just make sure to have a USB pen drive ready. 

ESP - It works as intended and does the job very well, I always go for max distance and choose the skeleton & names options. It's clean, very stable, never had any issues or wrong information displayed.

Aimbot - This is where it really shines, selecting between regular memory aim and silent aim makes it an extermination machine, both work like a charm, pick a hero, go to the shooting range and try to find the best aim mode that works for you for that specific hero. Tip: use an aim key instead of the default right mouse key for extra consistency and safety.

Stability - Zero crashes. Even though Paladin is an unstable game itself but I've never had any crashes while cheesing.


Overall - This is the best product for this game on the market, performance, price and security wise. It's a 10/10 for me.

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