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DayZ and Hunt are back!


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Well its taken a while, we had a whole overhaul of some of our core components as they were getting a bit tired and outdated and causing some sporadic bans with some games. But its worth the wait as we now have a secure and stable platform from which to move forwards. We can't say too much about this new technology at the moment, but we are quietly confident that it will allow is to deliver some really big cheats for some of your most beloved games in the near future. 


For now, we are very pleased to tell you that we have brought our DayZ cheat back online and our Hunt: Showdown cheat. Both cheats have been getting some ugprades during their down-time, including full mod support for DayZ including breaching charge, keycards, and all the popular mods. Hunt has had a performance overhaul, now making the aimbot even more accurate, though we are improving that even more.


We really want to thank you for your patience, it has been a long time since we were able to offer these cheats but if you're reading this it means you stuck around and it will hopefully be worth the wait.


Future plans

As I already alluded to, we are now in a position to start seriously looking at taking on some of the big games. No names yet but you'll want what we'll have to offer.


P.S. All subs for DayZ and Hunt were fully compensated

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