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Squad review


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Aimbot 0/10

Hands down the worst aimbot Ive used in any videogame, its not accurate with pretty much any gun, I tried every setting possible its simply the aimbot does not work.

AUS you set it to head and it will lock on the stomach, making it useless because if hes laying down its gonna aim below the whole character at any range.

Any AK at 200m it will aim like if it was 50-100m, not centered properly just like AUS but not as extreme.

Its just not working simple as that, its not my config its the aimbot that is very bad.


ESP 8/10

No distance slider for mines and FOB.

There is no HAB or rally ESP.

Vehicle name and health need to be lower because over 200m it blocks the vision of the vehicle making it unplayable at longer distance engagement.



dont work instant hit/ohk.


Overall there is a lot to be improved in the aimbot in special, it feels like the devs didnt even playtest it to make sure it would work as its supposed to be, I made various threads about it yet they state its "ok"  keep in mind youre not gonna use aimbot 99% of the time.

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