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On 05/05/2022 at 12:20, Strebeast said:

Hello does dbd ban Router ip or only HWID or both ?

Just today actually I had a few friends who got banned but after using a VPN their new accounts no longer got banned. So IP banning is a possibility yes. But with Chods getting banned by detection is NOT likely to happen. You may be banned by a Dev manually if you are reported by streamers. I suggest keeping things lowkey to prevent getting any HWID or IP ban Manually from a dev. 

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I don't play Dead by Daylight but i'm pretty sure it uses EAC. If that's the case, a ban will likely be both, but is sometimes simply an IP ban.


Keep your cheating low key to avoid manual detection, and automatic detection, like Naterion said, is pretty rare with Chods.

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I was banned recently and I didn't get a HWID or IP ban... I was able to continue playing with my second Steam account as if nothing had happened. As far as I know, but they like to give HWID bans sometimes

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