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Honest review of Squad Cheat


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After some time and using the only Squad cheat I can find that remains undetected I might as well make a review of what I think of it


Aimbot - 8/10

- The aimbot itself is nice, it works (almost always) and is pretty consistent with how it aims

- works well with all weapons and adjusts for bullet drop/lead accordingly.

- Not always 100% accuracy but with squad it definitely doesnt need to be


ESP - 10/10

-The ESP itself is really clean visually, everything is easy to look at, highly customizable and easy to use.

- Its not overwhelming but has just enough settings to make it feel just right for what you need it for


Misc - 6/10

- They do warn you many of these features only work on some servers (Though I couldnt find any)

- Speedhack works on every server, and is honestly just a lot of fun to use, also useful to get behind enemies before they realize what happened


Security - 10/10

- No bans (first time using the software was over 7 months ago)

- Considering I was also rage hacking while using the software, its impressive I wasnt manual banned either, they are doing something right clearly

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