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Escape from Tarkov - HWID Banned


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Hello all, Merry Christmas!


So, i need some help. I am debating getting a new computer if i can no longer play the games i enjoy playing with my friends.


Like some of us, i have hacking a go. I got banned, once, twice, three times and now anytime i log in on any other account i had, 5 mins in i get kicked out with error code 229, perm banned.


So, i have gathered i am HWID Banned. I have surfed the web and no one can give a definitive answer to what exactly the HWID ban is AND what hardware ID it captures. I have also read they IP ban, assuming they do it wouldn't matter if i got a new pc as the IP would just be the same? 


Please can some assist with this matter and advice.

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Good evening, I'll try to be as clear as possible, because presumably the Tarkov "Battleyes" "BE" are banning components, people don't really know which ones except BE themselves, so the solution first is  that when you are banned from an account, do not reconnect with: another PC or else do not buy one either.  Ompte and connect with the banned computer, to protect yourself from BANs you can use a Spoofer to impersonate you, the orc, if that happens you are banned then the theft will be banned and not your real component  , you just need to buy an edition of the game and re-usurp your component and replay, the solution to your problem will therefore be to take a spoofer to usurp the identity of your component in order to protect your PC and therefore avoid buying a  PC each time you ban.  Thanks for reading, and don't hesitate if you have any questions!

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