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DayZ Ban from private Servers


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Hey guys!


So i was banned quite some time ago from a really popular DayZ Server Community called DayOne (a bunch of streamers play on those aswell, so its heavily monitored). I was playing on those servers because of their settings and reputation for a really long time but the ban hammer hit me.


I tried changing some stuff in my registry, dishing out new drive ID's for my harddrives and a bunch of other stuff and could connect to the servers again using another steam account. Was playing just fine for a bunch of days until i bumped into a streamer again, i guess they background check everyone who comes into contact with one if the encounter is "legit". 


Ban-Hammer struck again, now im curious.. i managed to get back into the server but as soon as they background checked me i was gone again... what causes this? Does anyone know how they caught up to me again and can share some insight/tips as to would i should do?

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