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Hunt Showdown detected October 29 2021 OR IP sniping


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Hey, after a first ban (handmade) of one of my account, a second account of mine was banned (that was my first game on it). So maybe it's detected, maybe my IP just got snipped. Didn't know they would do that if it's the systemic IP ban.


Time will confirm which theory, won't be playing until then.

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ALRIGHT this is some news. I did get a ban message BUT it was from changing pseudonym while in game with another pseudonym. So I did get an error + been expulsed, but my account is NOT BANNED, nor the cheat is detected.


Sorry, got really surprised by the "ban" message that was in fact just an expulsion from the server.

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Last update - Your IP is banned when your account is banned => meaning that each time you'll try to join a game, you'll be disconnected at some point. But it doesn't prevent you from trying again, nor does it ban the account on which you try to connect.


Simply put - Account 1 is banned + ban IP

Account 2 can't join games, as long as the IP of account 1 is used. But can join anygame otherwise, even after attempting with a banned IP.

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I'll try to explain what happened.


One of my account has been banned manually (by the dev team) because of several really obvious kills I suppose. Just after launching the game again, on a new account, I got (after 2 kills) a disconnection with a message along the line of "You are ban, error XXX, make a ticket for more details" BUT this message was not the same as the first.


In fact, I think that the second message was due to using the same IP as my ban account, because this message popped up ONLY we I tried to join games. A day after that, the same message appeared as the first account (ban by the dev.) The second account was a brand new one btw, so no way it was banned manually, I think the cheat is actually detected (The hunt cheat is actually disabled).

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