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Squad Review April 2 2021


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Felt the need to leave a review for this product as I have almost used it for a little over 200 hours on squad. First, let me begin by saying this Cheat will acquire you with everything you need to absolutely dominate the game, literally. In my first few games, I legit full raged cheated because I wanted to push the limits to see what It would take to get a ban. My highest kill game was 147 kills; I did not receive a ban whatsoever. Furthermore, it is super fun to just run around and kill everything. SO let's get into the review:


Aimbot: 9.5/10, The Aimbot allows you to conquer the battlefield with even a pistol if you so desire. I have not had any issue with the Aimbot for as long you use the right settings. The no recoil, no sway both work and allow you to further stomp your opponents if you so desire. I have used both misc. Settings the entire time and have yet to receive any type of ban. If you are looking for a clean Aimbot that will do the work for you, then Chod's will take care of you. The only reason this got a 9.5 is I don't believe there is such thing as a perfect aimbot.


Visual: 10/10, I had read where some people have said that the esp "lags" behind the actual player; if this was true, it has since been rectified and no longer is an issue. I have not seen this issue in my 200 hours played so far. Its esp, what more can I say, it allows you to see anyone and everything up to however far you desire. You want to see vehicles and the names of said vehicles? You got it. You wanna see a whole squad 2000m away? You got it. There is everything you need, along with a visual check and everything that you could possibly need. No need to ask for anything more than what Chod has presented here. It is as pristine as it gets. 


Injection: 10/10, what more could you ask for? I could honestly inject with my toes if I so choose to. There is a video tutorial that walks you through absolutely everything. There should be no way you mess up.


Overall: For the price and consistency that is offered here on this platform, you cant go wrong with choosing any cheat from Chod. I assure you that the Squad cheat is everything you would look for in any cheat. You will dominate the battlefield, and you will have very little impact on your computer during the process. I have tested three other cheats from other providers, and each all had major in-game issues with how much it used of your pc. Go with Chod; you will be glad you did. 


I'm just a normal dude looking for good cheats like you. Pick this one, go fuck shit up, and have fun. 



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