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I can tell you from my five hours of play that I had a pretty good experience.
As a new player, I don't have as much experience as a veteran
But I obeyed the command from the commander.Chod's Cheats!Makes me a powerful breakout player.Help me kill many enemies。
Below are my scores for this product.
Aimbot :actor mode 9/10, angry mode 7/10
Show health of your soldier:10/10
No Recoil:10/10
No Sway:10/10
The only drawback of Visuals is that the stickman is sometimes inconsistent with the box when the player is moving fast.
The acceleration mode and no recoil and no sway, I give full marks to these functions are perfect.
When no one is paying attention to me, I can use the acceleration mode to quickly go around behind the enemy to make a surprise attack.
No recoil, no swing, making it easier for me to kill enemies in actor mode
As for Aimbot, we can't hit the player who is moving 300 meters away when we play the game in an angry state. Unless he stays still. (I don't recommend everyone to kill the players casually in an angry state, so that there will be no fun soon)
If we play the game in actor mode, this product is a very good choice.
Hope this comment is helpful to you. 

I also commented on this product in the shopping mall,
Hope that Chod's Cheats will be stable forever.


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