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My thoughts after a short period of using


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I wanted to write a testimonial because when I was just lurking in the forums debating if I was going to try the cheat I couldnt really find much information on what I wanted to know on any of the more recent posts, so here are my thoughts after buying it:


One thing I was concerned about was the EAC updates on the site and the fact that only DBD and one other game seemed to be updated, I was skeptical about if it would be safe, if anyone is having the same concern then don't, its fine


- Is it worth the money? - In my opinion, yes


- Is it difficult to set up? - Not really, as long as you have a USB and follow the setup guide and don't skip anything its actually alot more straightforward than it seems (I skipped a bit in the middle about turning off the setting in Avast for virtual machines, dont skip this bit or you will keep getting a message about turning on virtualisation in the BIOS even if its already on)


-Is it easy to use? - Yes, the menu is really straight forward and you can set up your own key binds for most of the stuff that would need it


-Bans? - This is a bit of a weird one because obviously you should expect that bans are a possiblity when youre cheating, but it really depends how obvious you make it. If you're picking yourself up off the floor without unbreakable in front of the killer 1s after they down you then expect a report and probably a ban. If someone is dead and could be spectating you and you insta complete a gen? expect a report and probably a ban. What I will say with this, is if you want to keep low key and not be as obvious I honestly think it is set up in a great way as pretty much everything is customisable and the really obvious stuff like speedhacks and insta complete can be bound to specific keys and only work while pressed - TLDR I haven't been using this for long but from what I have seen I am almost 100% sure that if I do get banned it will be because I've done something for laughs and given it away, if you plan to be careful I think there is nothing to worry about


Overall, from my short time using this it has been a pretty fun experience, the features are good and work as you would expect. If you're sitting on the fence about getting this or not I would say if you absolutely can't handle getting banned then dont bother with any cheats because manual reports are always a thing, but if this doesn't concern you or you dont plan to be too over the top then its worth a go





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