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About ''fixing'' times


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Firsly good evening,


I am using ur cheats and also forum for over than 5 months.
I must admit that you are the provider that provides the best experience and assurance.

But I want to share my idea with you as a respectfully (Please take this as both a complaint and a suggestion.)

  • You should inform your customers about a subject "time". (ı know u dont have to but..)

+ like, ''When will the fixing works end?

+  You may not explain it in all forums, but i think you should announce it to your ''VIP'' members.

Because the people who shop from you deserve it.



If you are not doing this or cant, i would be glad if you explain why you are not doing it?

The reason i share these ''thoughts'' with you is that i  want this forum to grow day by day. (i hope you can't get it wrong)


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