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✅ LIFE.KIFE2#1082 MARKET 1M = 6$ ?Lab carries? Quests ? TRUSTED, FAST AND SAFE ✅


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Welcome to LIFE.KIFE2#1082 1M = 6$EFT Market
Delivery 10 minutes
How to: After your payment, I`ll give you items using in-raid drop which you will place on the flea market where I`ll buy them. 
All fees will be covered by me. You must be 10+ lvl in-game for our deal.If you do not have level 10, we will find a way out.

Our special offers:

Bring a friend get 5% discount

Our prices:
1.000.000 RUB = 6$
SICC Case = ~$
Red Rebel Ice pick = ~$
THICC Weapon Case = ~$
THICC Items Case = ~$
Red Lab Keycard = ~$
All Lab Keys + extra SICC = ~$
❤All ITEMS and all KEYS are in stock, just write me❤

Lowered prices for large currency orders:

5.000.000 RUB = 25$‏‏‎
10.000.000 RUB = 55$‏‏‎
20.000.000 RUB = 106$
30.000.000 RUB = 160$
40.000.000 RUB = 215$
50.000.000 RUB = 270$
100.000.000 RUB = 350$

❤Lab carries or any location❤
I help to complete all the quests.

But basically it's a laboratory for making money.
1 raid =7$ each
3 raids and more = 6$ each

❤Carry you through any map and bring you all loot you can find.
You'll be given biggest backpack!❤

XP Boost or Quests
No cheats or bots used.
50k XP Boost+(things that I will get during the boost)= ~20$
100k XP Boost+(things that I will get during the boost)= ~35$ 
Regarding the price of completing quests, write in private messages, they depend on the complexity of the quest
We will need to know your login detaiils and email security code to start the process.
Also, if you need additional services, such as boost your account or completing quests, DM ME

Payment method - PayPal
Terms of Service:
1.PayPal payments must be sent as Friends & Family!
2.All purchases are final and refunds will not be issued.

My Discord: LIFE.KIFE2#1082
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