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Decided to give Realm Royale a go since I've been getting into Paladins lately and how happy I am with the Paladin's cheats overall.

1. Good price
The price for this is great. It is very affordable for what it offers.

2. Aimbot
I personally don't use aimbot assist function, but I use no-recoil. However this is what you're able to do:
+You are able to bind the aimbot function to a key of your choice. Great option since players can spectate you, I don't advise using Mouse 1 for this function. Mouse 2 or another mouse bind will be less suss.
+FOV/Distance targeting. I would suggest to keep FOV in the parameters of 1 to 2.5. This means you will still need to aim in the general area of your target before assistance is provided. I haven't tested distance but I believe, in combination of FOV and Distance if there's 2 overlapping, it will target the closest.
+No Recoil - good
+Head/Neck/Body aim assist: I would choose neck for this, I would personally never choose head only as that is a fast way to get reported.
+Smoothing: Play around with this setting, it determines how smooth the mouse assist movement. When compared to Paladins, I would say between 12-16 is a good value for this.

3. ESP - Excellent.
+Have options to configure what you want displayed on screen, ie names, hp, armor bar. All I do is turn box off and leave the rest default.
+Distance slider (hardware dependent I believe) choose how far you would like to track ESP - I have just been using default number which I personally find large enough.

For those that only had one product purchased (like me before) it just adds a second game to your USB launcher. Very good setup.

Most importantly, don't be to obvious with aimbot, you can get spectated and when you do, expect you are being recorded. If you see people on ESP, pretend you don't, try trick the viewers, be hit a couple of times and guzzle a potion and look around manically using your mouse. Not a fool proof effort, but try to throw some tricks to those that review videos. and the last last thing, don't play to win every game, have some losses.



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