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Had been permanently banned in fortnite for using vpn (which doesn’t come to the merits), what happens is this, I contacted epic games support and managed to unban my account, but my PC is still banned, I tried to chat with support and said they couldn't remove the ban from my machine. Since then I have tried all possible methods (none involving physical parts of my PC, as I play on a laptop) to be able to use my PC to play fortnite again (including hwid spoofer), and all have failed. I have an SSD and an HDD on my computer, and I saw somewhere on the internet that simply changing them would remove my hwid ban, but I couldn't connect them again to my PC, even to use a removable disk. I was thinking about buying a new HDD and discarding my old ones, but I didn't want to spend money without being sure, I wonder if this really works or does the hwid ban go much further?


It is not an IP ban, as I can play on other devices connected to the same wifi network.
My account is no longer banned, I can play on other devices as well.
Whenever I try a new method I create a new account at epic games to make sure the accounts used previously did not interfere with anything.




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