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baned and loled


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I tried using the cheat for a couple days, couldn't run it though, kept crashing and support couldn't help. Some weird problem...

I asked for a refund and they were kind to process it. Day 9 I just got a permanent ban... I emaild them back and asked why, still waiting for the answer. Can't be "clear evidence of cheating", never got around to even execute the cheat... I only had the game for 4 days so I'm not losing anything, but this probably the stupidest ban ever. I'll keep you posted what they say, if they answer lol

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1 hour ago, yortwack said:

I feel like everyone is going to lose interest in this website now after being down for months and getting detected in a few days. Plus it costing about the same amount as an eod account.  Almost no point in cheating anymore.


any idea where i can buy without getting super scamed lol?

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