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Conspiracy Theory


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What if Chod and Nikita are the same person? Like it makes sense when you think about it like this: Nikita wants more people to play his game, game is hard as shit without dumping mad hours into learning, Chod provides an easy way for people to get into the game without feeling like they just paid to lose all their loot every time they run in and gun, game gets more popular with more people willing to play due to easy mode hacking and cheats,  Nikita no longer needs the player base of the hackers as streamers are making the game more popular, pulls the plug on Chod's with the implementation of BattleEye, retains streamers and their following as new player base to replace and supplement void left by no hacks.

This is obviously a joke and any serious replies to this will be shamed. I just check in on the site from time to time to see if the cheat is up for tarkov and was bored and decided to post something that may or may not make a few people expel more air than normal out their nose.

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