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Suggestion for Apex

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I cannot find the suggestions area anywhere, so I'll do it here.


I highly believe that making Apex stream proof would increase it's sales and make it more appealing. 


Apex has lots of cheats that provide stream proof, but don't make it a secure high quality cheat.


If Chod's was able to provide both, I think it'd go a long way.

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17 hours ago, yeahokmhm said:

It would be hard to stream Apex even with streamproofing and not be obvious that you're cheating, unless you solely use ESP


Unless you're flat out raging, you have to act legit a lot too otherwise you're raising eyebrows if you just laser people left and right. Some people do just use the ESP and rely on good aim. It's also not that hard to hide time to time that you're aimbotting with like a peacekeeper.

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