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Hello Everyone! So i am going to give you my honest review. Just some background from me, My name used to be Retroonestar but due to some memory issues i cannot access said account lol. So i have a general knowledge of the the software. I used EFT and CSGO without issue some time ago. but lets get back to APEX. The menu for it was user friendly and very easy to navigate and adjust the settings that best suit your experience. 

ESP/Walls is for less for words flawless. Easy to understand the settings that you desire. Health, Shield, ect... provide the user the experience you would expect from a very good team who provides this software for us. 

Aimbot/recoil stability is outstanding to say the least. the settings give you so many options to tweak your aim to be great but provide you that edge ;]. or if you want to drop solo and be the modern day Rambo you have that freedom too. So overall with the customization and user friendly navigation. Chod and his team once again has brought something great to the table as they always have. 


So in conclusion if you are undecided i would tell you from my experience i would without a doubt recommend this software among all there others, to really enjoy gaming.


Thank you everyone and thank you to Chod and his team for the support.


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