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[WTS] Escape from Tarkov Standard Account + Items/Key Cards + Roubles STORE


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Hey Friends,


I probably cheesed a little bit too much and got burnt out, also many of my friends have slowly stopped playing EFT so I want to sell to my favorite cheese site first, mainly the account or sell it in parts.


I'm mainly looking to sell the account whole, CURRENT PRICE AT: $135 (if you have serious offer, please PM me) otherwise you can purchase items separately if you want.

Only going through middleman, so I highly suggest buying the whole account as it would be easier for everyone involved.


What I have right now:



All vendors are maxed out level, total quest completion is around 80%, maybe a little bit higher.

Under 50% survival rate (if you were worried it was too high due to cheese)

Under 6 KDA (if you were worried it was too high due to cheese)



25 to 30+ High End weapons (HK, SVD, DVL, M41A, AK, RPK all modded out) PM if you have specific need



6kk roubles

20k dollars



1x Green Lab Key

1x Black Lab Key

1x Yellow Lab Key

1x Red Lab Key


Many keys to exits, PM me if you need a specific one



2x THICC weapon case

1x THICC item case

1x Item Case

1x Magazine Case

1x Medical Case

5x Money Cases

2x Weapon Case

2x Bullet Case

1x Dog Tag Case



There may be a specific item I have that you need but most of my stock is listed above, PM if you wanted something not listed.

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Bro your price is legit same price as EOD, I don't know about most people but if I were to spend that much money I rather buy a fresh EOD account. As for the loot you have, literally no point if you are going to cheese anyways.

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