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Hi! I am selling good and cheap CS:GO accounts, all for 5$ they are all unranked, maybe one or two have expired rank which you can get back anytime, but doesnt change the fact It's only 5$!

They all do come with access of the email so you can change the details anytime, and you dont have to worry about me changing anything or locking the accounts.

All accounts are Level 0 with a fresh CS:GO on it, and It's only 5$ as normal accounts from smurf sites start from 10$!


I see this is as a good option to get some money, as I have pleny of those, which I have bought myself and I are not using.

If you want to hack, road to Globals or whatever you ever need, with a fresh copy of CS:GO, or you recently got vac banned/overwatch banned this is a great option!


Rules are simple:

1. You need to add me on Discord to discuss or buy at: sugminkuk#2246

2. I will go first, as I have many of them unless you don't have any active subscribtion on Chod's or you have like 0 posts!

3. Be friendly, and pay via Family and Friends option on Paypal so I recieve exactly all the 5USD/EUR I need!


I can sell a Origin account with A Way Out, BattleField 1, Crysis and Star Wars: Battlefront 2 for 5$ aswell, but it's not changable adress.


Add discord at: sugminkuk#2246

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