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The Chod Empire


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Hello everyone! 

I hope everyone is having a great experience here at Chods Cheats! Whenever you decide to read this you might see me around, I’m the guy that says “cheers -SpaceMan” don’t know why or how that started but it’s like my signature lol. But anyways, for our newcomers and members of past and present. This is a review for our community here based on my experience.

Community Unity 10/10

since I have been here I have tried to help any and everybody to the best of my ablilites. And in return I have had great help from Chod and his team for any questions I have had. The moderators do an amazing job in working on issues with speed and professionalism. They are knowledgeable on what they do. Then comes the community of people with different skills and traits. Whenever there is an issue I see the community coming together to help provide some feedback or tips on the individuals issue. Very little to all the communities I have seen don’t do that.

Product 10/10

the product that Chod provides is AMAZING! I understand that as of right now EFT and CSGO are down but they will come back better than ever! Before the updates the cheese was smooth and fun to mess around with and with the amount of options, there is plenty of room for hours of fun.

Website 10/10

Chods Cheats is very easy to navigate and understand. And the community helps in pointed people in the right direction if extra help is needed.

Logo 100/100

In a few words... AN AWESOME LOGO! enough said

Overall 10/10

my experience like I am sure with most or even all people that is part of this great community have nothing but great experiences here. And everyday we grow bigger and better.


The Great Empire of Chod!




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