[WTS] 2 accounts,Prime's 484 hrs gold nova master 92wins, 970 hours 78 wins


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*Gold nova master, 92wins, 484hrs
*35€ CS:GO inventory
*Around 15€ Rust inventory
*Other games with few hours.
*Steam lvl11
*4 year's old

25€ / 50 Warmane.com coins
*Unranked, was LEM havent played for an year.
*970 HRS CS:GO
*2 year's old
*78 wins
*2016 Medal

30€ / 60 Warmane.com coins.
*No original e-mails, lifetime warranty (if you get ow/vac banned the warranty wears off)
*Buyer goes first, middleman can be used.
*Steamlink will be given with private message if requested.

-Paypal/Skrill/Warmane.com coins.

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