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Legit Team WE ROLE WE WIN.


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Team name : [INK]

Hello Everyone how are u 

I am looking for good team to play with .

however if u use hacks it's okay just make it legit so u don't get reported other wise u get kicked from the team (our team)

so make it legit and play carefull using hacks .

if so how ever u really bad , and just using aimbot with really high fov which make u really look like true hacker, the point of the team after all is we having fun and not reporting each other even tho we know there is hacker between us 

Rule's :

if u want to join

1- Don't tell us if u are hacking or not , but if u make it legit. 

2-u need to be good and have some skills and not only pure hacks.....

3- u need to be here atleast 2 hours a day to play some games if u can't u need a tell us why

4- if u think the guy in our team is hacking u can't report him even if he is , but if u can tell he is hacking really ez and doesn't look legit then we vote to kick him...

5- feel free to bhop as god , no reports for that from the team

6- and really that is all .

if u want to join us PM Me on steam and add me as friend make sure to comment below if u want to join with your steam link so I know it's u

After all HF GL and enjoy the game.



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